In 1996 decision was made to slowly switch from annual only to perennial gardens. Long term plans were drawn and annual garden budget was set. With growing costs of plant material and shortage of free hands to help with planting thousands of annuals in the end of each May it was presumed that introduction of perennials will help not only keep costs under control but also extend substantially planting season allowing for better usage of manpower allocated to gardens. Since then gardens grew substantially, garden budget stayed at the same level and we still have only one full time gardener and his summer time part time assistant taking care of all gardens. We have divided all gardens into six groups; Sunny Borders and Shade Gardens around clubhouse, Gardens on Golf Course, Ornamental Grasses, Water's Edge Ecosystems and Naturalised Areas. Although quite different all type of gardens have two things in common; we never use man made fertilizers or pesticides/herbicides in any of them. Usually it takes a few years to establish the balance and harmony. Sometimes hard, old fashion manual labour seems to be too much to handle, but in the end of the day satisfaction from unique results keeps us coming for yet one more season. Enjoy your virtual tour through our gardens.

Victor Lewicki, Head Horticulturist.
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