The new facility has been operational now for over five seasons. During that time the greens department has continued to improve the efficiency of the building. Some of the benefits have been easier unloading and loading of soils and sands, equipment and fertilizers. These tasks take up far less time for staff and allow more time to be spent on the course. Members of our team are much more efficient in cutting operations. With cutting equipment set up the night before, we able to start mowing within 5 to 10 minutes of starting. Other tasks such as topdressing and aerifying can be performed at a moment's notice.

The flooding in 2005 that caused extensive damage to bunkers and the valley section of the course required a significant increase in manpower, drainage materials and bunker sand. The new facility provided the room needed to accommodate extra vehicles, rolls of drain tile and tons of sand. With the old facility, deliveries would have been sent to the clubhouse parking lot resulting in increased hauling time of materials and lengthening the time to complete the restoration work.

But nothing was probably more evident than last season's extensive course renovation and all the vehicular traffic needed to accommodate multileveled construction. We believe that without having our facility it would be almost impossible to achieve what was done in such a short time. We had conference and meeting facilities just at the construction site, our maintenance mechanic facilities saved a day more than once. Plenty of parking space let us store construction material exactly where it was needed, within just minutes of its final destination. Time and money saved are beneficial to all of us, but none than members could be more pleased. Money invested few years earlier helped to save today :)

Providing a clean, safe and functional work environment has resulted in higher staff morale which has led to more returning staff each season. The reputation in the industry is that our club has a first class facility and therefore has had many visits by other club Superintendents and officials who are looking for ideas for their own future maintenance facilities.

Facts about the facility:
- Building area - 11,000 square feet
- Asphalt surface - 35,000 square feet
- Proper containment for pesticide storage and mixing
- Safe storage of all materials
- Proper staff facilities
- Improved equipment maintenance and parts inventory
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