The project is nearing completion with just a small amount of work to be done in the spring. Asphalting of the road on both sides of the pond and cart paths at 8, 9 and 11/15 will be the first priority. Weather permitting this should all be completed before the end of April. There is some sodding to do along the edges of the asphalted paths and other small areas. There will also be some repair work to irrigation trenches that might have settled. To see a set of pictures from pond construction please click HERE

Pond Naturalization

Other work includes naturalization of the pond and nursery surrounds. Trees and shrubs will be planted to provide a more natural look to these areas. During the summer the pond will be stocked with fish and duck nesting boxes will placed around the pond. Turtles should migrate back to the pond during the spring. Victor saved a lot of the plant material from the old pond and this will be planted in the early spring when the pond is being filled. We will be looking for volunteers to help us create something special :) To see the scale of the work ahead of us please click HERE

Greens Department Team.

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